New Moon Cacao Ceremony


Cacao Ceremony on 09/5/24: Doors are open at 6.45 pm, ceremony will start at 7 pm.
We will begin promptly, so please arrive on time ❤️

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Join us under the enchanting energy of the New Moon for a transformative Cacao Ceremony, dedicated to manifesting your deepest intentions and goals. This sacred gathering begins with the ritualistic drinking of ceremonial-grade cacao, known for its heart-opening and clarity-enhancing properties, setting the stage for profound personal insights. As the new moon marks a time of new beginnings, immerse yourself in a guided meditation that helps focus your mind and spirit on setting clear, achievable intentions.

During the ceremony, engage with insightful oracle card readings, offering personalized guidance and reflections that align with your aspirations. These readings serve as powerful tools for understanding your current path and how to navigate towards your desired future. Complementing these practices, mindset exercises are integrated into the experience, designed to shift your perspective and foster a deeper connection with your inner wisdom and intuition.

This New Moon Cacao Ceremony is more than an event; it’s a journey towards self-discovery and alignment. It provides a unique opportunity to align your intentions with the universe’s energies, offering a moment of introspection, goal setting, and clarity. Embrace the power of this ritual to clear mental fog, set meaningful intentions, and chart a course towards your dreams and aspirations in the comforting embrace of like-minded individuals.”

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