Full Moon Cacao Ceremony


Cacao Ceremony on 23/5/24: Doors are open at 6.45 pm, ceremony will start at 7 pm.
We will begin promptly, so please arrive on time ❤️

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Immerse yourself in the mystical energy of our Full Moon Cacao Ceremony, a powerful ritual for release and renewal.

Begin with a heart-warming cacao drink, known for its ability to open the heart and calm the mind, setting the stage for profound transformation.

As the full moon illuminates the sky, engage in a guided meditation that helps you let go of old patterns and embrace new possibilities.

Intertwine your experience with insightful oracle card readings, providing personalized guidance and clarity.

The ceremony also includes mindset exercises, designed to shift your perspective and foster a sense of peace and alignment with your true intentions.

Embrace this unique opportunity to release what no longer serves you, gain deeper insights, and emerge rejuvenated with a renewed sense of purpose and harmony.

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