Breathwork and Nervous System Masterclass


Join Nikki for a 90-minute deep dive masterclass into the incredible world of breathwork and nervous system mastery.
90 minutes – ENGLISH
Date & Time: 25th April 2024, 7 pm

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Learn how to take complete control of your nervous system state (the way that you feel) along with all of the techniques needed to take on life’s many challenges.

What we will cover:

  • Multiple guided breath work techniques
  • A deep dive into the intrinsic link between your nervous system, and the way that you breathe.
  • An understanding on the health implications of inefficient breathing.
  • A complete understanding of the ‘why’. Why is breathwork so effective. Why is the way that we breathe so important to our overall health
  • A clear and guaranteed road map to a more healthy and balanced nervous system based solely on your innate biology

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