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Welcome to HEAL

Meet Nik & Amani and the HEAL blend

Are you ready to truly start living?

Step into our space of change and growth, where healing happens naturally.

Here, Nik and Amani share their own stories of overcoming tough times, showing that it’s possible for anyone. Whether you’re dealing with health issues, feeling stressed out, or just wanting to feel better all around, we’re here for you. We believe that our thoughts and how we feel affect our bodies, so we focus on both the mind and body to help you feel your best.

Join us on this journey of discovery and empowerment, where we’ll explore how changing your mindset can make a real difference in how you feel physically and mentally.

Let’s walk together toward a happier, healthier life!









Meet Nik

Hey there, I’m Nik. For 15 years, I hustled hard in the corporate world, climbing that ladder until my body just couldn’t take it anymore—I hit rock bottom with burnout. But let me tell you, that breakdown became my breakthrough. I dove deep into my health issues, focusing solely on science-backed natural methods, and what I uncovered was mind-blowing.

Not only did I find highly effective modalities for my recovery, but I also stumbled upon something elusive yet profound—my passion, my true calling in life.

Fast forward seven years, and my life is beyond amazing. My wife Amani and I made a big move, relocating our young family to the breathtaking hills of the Algarve in Portugal.

Here, we birthed our brainchild, Heal—a business that’s not just changing lives, but transforming them from the inside out. We’re all about hosting in-person mind-body connection retreats, delivering masterclasses, and offering comprehensive coaching courses, all geared toward optimizing mental, emotional, and physical health.

And let me tell you, we’re on a mission to biohack the Algarve.

I’m not just about talk, though. I walk the walk, too. You’ll find me sharing my insights and knowledge through my podcast and regular newsletters on Substack, under the brand name Nervous System Nut.

If you’re struggling with any imbalance, whether it’s acute or chronic illness, or if you’re simply looking to optimize every aspect of your life, I’m here for you. Anxiety, stress, digestive issues, energy imbalances, sleep problems—whatever it is, I’ve got the expertise to guide you through. With qualifications in advanced anatomy and physiology, gut-brain connection, medicinal cannabis, plant medicine, and certifications as a nervous system specialist and breathwork coach,

I’m here to help you reclaim your health and vitality.

Meet Amani

Hey, I’m Amani. My journey has been one heck of a ride. Battling self-sabotage and judgment, alongside grappling with autoimmune disease, has shaped me into the transformational coach I am today. In 2015, I took a deep dive into the mind-body connection, and let me tell you, it’s been a game-changer.

I believe that our bodies and minds are deeply intertwined, and that belief has led me to make some pivotal changes for my own well-being. Through years of self-discovery and learning, I’ve emerged not just as a teacher, but as a mama too—trust me, that journey’s a wild ride in itself. I’ve made it my mission to share what I’ve learned, supporting others on their paths to wellness and confidence.

With me by your side, you’re embarking on a journey to unlock your inner potential.

My expertise in NLP therapy, meditation, trauma release and coaching provides the tools to dismantle those stubborn, self-sabotaging patterns and transform them into self-respect and love.

But wait, there’s more! I’ve also got extensive qualifications in brain-gut connectivity, reiki healing, face yoga, and even cacao ceremonies aligned with lunar energies. Together, we’ll dive deep into your behavioural patterns, emotional states, and habits, tapping into your strengths and cultivating the confidence to trust your inner wisdom.

Let’s do this!

You can also connect via @insta

The HEAL Blend

Now, here's where the magic happens.

Work with HEAL!

Together we bring our unique strengths and experiences to the table, creating a powerhouse blend that’s tailor-made for your journey to wellness.

Nik’s expertise in science-backed natural health methods, anatomy, and nervous system specialization, combined with Amani’s transformative coaching, NLP therapy, and energy healing, provides you with a holistic approach that tackles every aspect of your well-being.

Together, we’ll help you unlock your full potential, guiding you toward a life filled with health, vitality, and confidence.